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Soda Vending Franchise

You cannot miss soda vending franchise opportunities. When you consider that people always want a cold, sweet, refreshing beverage, soda vending franchises are a sure bet. After all, soda vending machines can be found in places where people need a drink, which is everywhere!

Just like coffee and candy vending machine franchises, soda vending franchise opportunities are also the easiest and fastest way to earn profits. Soda vending franchise opportunities are generally offered by soda bottling companies. They are the ones who usually provide you with the vending machines, most of the time for free. The downside for this kind of agreement is that you only get to sell their goods, preventing you from offering a variety of other soda products.

Consumers today prefer different kinds of beverages to quench their thirst. So if you want to make money with your soda vending machines, try to look for a soda vending franchise opportunity that offers a variety of beverages (such as fruit juice, chocolate drinks, and milk) other than soda and bottled water.

As for locations, the strategic setups for soda vending franchises are generally shopping malls, schools, and airports. Nothing beats the convenience of getting a cold soda from a vending machine when you are out shopping or when you are at the airport since you are spared from the hassles of buying them from stores or restaurants. All you need is some change or dollar bills, insert them into the vending machine, and you’ll get to enjoy a cold and refreshing drink right away.

However, also expect slow days with a soda vending franchise opportunity, especially during the cold or winter season. Even at prime locations such as malls or airports, fewer consumers would want cold beverages and would rather have hot drinks during winter. So be prepared for a lower profit turnout during this season. Of course during the summer, cold soda and other beverages sell best to thirsty consumers.

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